Investing in a swimming pool to make it through the scorching Australian summer and looking into natural stone coping? Great choice!

Pools can make a world of difference when it comes to enjoying the outdoors during our warmer climates. Even in the midst of winter, a backyard pool is a beautiful space to gather around, serving as a centrepiece to your landscaping and outdoor living experiences. Natural stone coping plays a pivotal role both in the style and in substance, serving the purpose of defining the edge of the top border of the pool and creating boundaries to the pool deck itself. This coping serves to send water splashed out of the pool back into it, rather than spreading or sitting on decking or tiled surfaces. Natural stone coping can also protect your pool from debris and to provide a non-slip surface for swimmers on the edge of the pool itself.

Given the multifaceted purposes of coping, natural stone coping is an excellent choice for its material – here’s just a taste of the many reasons why:

  1. Natural stone coping provides durability and longevity. Given the hardness of natural stone, it’s perfect for withstanding load and heat, lasting through changing and intense weather patterns. Natural stone can stand the test of time, holding steady through rain, heat, spill, tread and wear. Natural stone coping around your pool will retain its appearance and durability over many years of service.
  2. It’s easy to maintain. Given how tough the natural stone material is, natural stone coping doesn’t crack easily. With a range of finishes that make it easy to clean off dirt, liquid and other unwelcome properties, natural stone coping is designed for all kinds of wear and tear across the course of backyard family summer fun. Should you find damage does occur, natural stone coping is easy to replace or restore.
  3. There’s a wide range of styles and designs. The Cinajus natural stone coping range includes Autumn Travertine, Silver Travertine, Regent Grey Granite, Ash Grey Granite,, Amalfi Limestone and many more. Whether you’re looking for a light or dark shade, or a specific type of texture and substance, the Cinajus natural stone coping range can serve a wide variety of purposes and design aesthetic requirements. 
  4. You may benefit from an enhancement to your property value. Given the beauty of natural stone coping, using it to complete your pool area is a powerful way to improve your backyard and entertaining area’s aesthetics. As the look of natural stones doesn’t fade quickly, this is a smart investment decision when it comes to upholding the value and delivering on your investment in the future.

Natural stone coping provides peace of mind, durability and pleasing aesthetics, all while serving to keep your family safer as they enjoy a swim at home. Take a look at the Cinajus range to discover the natural stone coping that can become the perfect complement to your dream outdoor space – your next swim is calling.

June 2020

How natural stone coping provides style and substance