Even if you’re not familiar with the term Stone Cladding, it’s a material that you’re likely coming across in all kinds of architectural settings on a regular basis. While stone has been a key building material since as far back as history can tell us, stone cladding offers a dynamic way to bring the beauty of this timeless material into new, modern and dynamic settings.

Stone cladding comes in a wide diversity of material types, finishes, colours, shapes and sizes. With stone material commonly including Limestone, Sandstone and Quartzite, there’s no shortage of options depending on your preferred look, feel and texture.

Natural stone wall cladding can be used to create interior feature walls, frame fireplaces, or to entirely wrap around exteriors. With a dramatic impact created by even a touch of stone cladding, it’s a great option for all kinds of budgets when it comes to creating interest and a sense of luxury within a wide variety of settings, including residential and commercial environments.

Here’s a round-up of stone cladding highlights.

  • If you’re in the market for a cool, calm aesthetic, take a look at Milton Wall Cladding. A unique wall cladding that comes in both 300mm and 400mm heights, this is a highly textured stone that embraces ripples and a high degree of naturalism in its finish. Milton Wall Cladding comes in a calming grey colour tone.
  • Looking to flashback to warm days under the Italian sun? Tuscan Limestone is a highly popular stone cladding that evokes timeless luxury in its dappled finish. Sitting in a warmer colour palette of creams, beiges and light browns, Tuscan Limestone is used in both interior and exterior settings alike to add grandeur and sophistication. Consider smaller uses such as garden walls or outdoor fireplaces, or embrace the beauty of this material with a wider exterior installation.
  • Coco Stone Wall Cladding sits at the other end of the colour spectrum, grounded in blues, greys and browns. This material can provide a beautiful contrast against the naturally occurring tones in the Australian landscape, and is a rich choice for outdoor entertainment environments. If you’re looking to grab a potential customer’s environment in a retail or commercial setting, Coco Stone Wall Cladding can do a lot of the heavy visual lifting for you.
  • Magro Sandstone combines the modernity of our present architectural practice with the rich history of traditional stone masonry walls. Irregular and heavily textured, Magro Sandstone is a material that’s just at home on the windswept shores of an English seaside as it is in the middle of an Australian bush environment. This stone cladding will not only stand the test of time, but will naturally bring a sense of history with it, harkening back to the building practices of generations before while remaining firmly rooted in a refreshing modern visual impact.
  • The Balmoral Bluestone Ripple Wall Cladding is a great addition to feature walls and water features. Its rippled surface works with water to create gentle cascades, creating a harmonic visual within water feature environments.

April 2024

Stone Cladding Aesthetic Styles