Granite cobblestone pavers are often embraced for their sophisticated, textured elegance, bringing a heightened sense of design intention to the interior and exterior rooms alike. With a design flexibility that allows for use in both residential and commercial settings, granite cobblestones work well in all kinds of environments thanks to their natural durability. Thanks to the way granite naturally occurs, granite cobblestones offer a hardy material that’s suitable for both wet and dry climates alike without fear of damage. If you’re considering introducing granite cobblestone into your home or commercial space, here are three great reasons why you should embrace their beauty.

  1. Granite cobblestones pavers are naturally textured. There’s a reason this material is so popular for driveways, with the natural textured finish creating helpful traction that builds safety in steep or wet environments. Whether you’re building a steep driveway or looking to make sure young running feet stay safe in outdoor landscaping, granite cobblestones add necessary traction that increases safety and durability.
  2. There’s a wide range of colours and textures to choose from. Granite cobblestones create a unique finish and impact because each cobblestone is naturally different in its formation. With no two looking exactly the same, granite cobblestone elevates design aesthetics through naturally occurring variations in tone, colour and finish. The subtle effect of this works just as well in an elegant, luxurious upscale setting as it does in a natural backyard environment, bringing the classic nature of natural stone into a wide variety of settings.
  3. Granite cobblestones are a long-lasting investment. With the naturally occurring nature of granite, this is a material that’s going to last for the ages. The investment of granite cobblestone means you’re not risking the need to replace a subpar material to costly effective a few years down the track – whether it’s rain, hail or shine, granite cobblestone has what it takes to stand up under all kinds of weather conditions and perform year in, year out. 
  4. Granite cobblestones add natural points of interest. If you’re looking for an easy way to add dynamic impact to an outdoor space, granite cobblestones bring versatility and range that are complementary to many existing architectural styles. With a variety of surface finishes including split, exfoliated or sawn, granite cobblestones can enhance your existing design choices through their complementary and textured nature.
  5. Granite cobblestones provide flexibility in how they’re laid. Looking for cobblestones that are close together to minimise weed growth? Done. Wanting to create more of a natural feel that incorporates surrounding grass and earth? Cobblestones can be laid with more separation. If you’re looking to kick your outdoor design up a notch, working with the flexibility of granite cobblestones allows you to bring fresh design intention in for maximum impact.

Cinajus’ range of granite cobblestones are also highly complementary to the existing range of granite pavers, tiles and pool coping, creating even greater design flexibility that encourages a seamless approach to practical flooring needs. There’s a reason granite cobblestones have been embraced around the world for centuries – now it’s your turn!

April 2024

5 reasons to embrace granite cobblestones