When you hear the term cobblestones, does your mind’s eye sweep you back to the days of centuries past? While we may think of cobblestone as a material that sits back in the past, it’s firmly entrenched itself as a popular, practical and interesting building choice for the modern era. Cobblestones isn’t aged – it’s timeless! Now used in residential and commercial settings alike, cobblestone pavers offers a vibrant, rich natural material that’s aesthetically pleasing and durable over the course of time.

Cobblestones has been embraced for centuries most commonly as a hardy and durable road surface, able to withstand the pressure of all kinds of vehicles and foot traffic day after day. In recent architectural developments, cobblestone has continued to emerge as a popular choice for residential and commercial driveways and paths. Modern installation tools, such as cobbles supplied on mesh backing, help to make the execution of cobblestones far easier than the days of yore. 

Cobblestone comes in a variety of finishes, including exfoliated (which provides ideal slip resistance for driveways and paths), hand cut (a preferred choice for adding grip to steep driveways), hand cut/tumbled (with a softer, more aged look in this style) or split, which embraces a variance in thickness and colour. Combined with a range of stone material and colour choices, cobblestones offer great practical application in a wide diversity of architectural styles and intended visual impacts.

Cinajus’ cobblestone range can complement a wide variety of outdoor spaces through a rich array of colour, texture, cut and tone.

If you’re looking for a classic type of cobblestone, the Vega Black Granite Exfoliated cobbles can work overtime in providing a perfect foundation for driveways, garden paths and outdoor living spaces. Their square cut and clean lines complement the speckled grey/black textures, creating intrigue and detail while maintaining a modern, streamlined impact overall.

For a more modern, striking tone, the Italian Porphyry Cobbles hold their own. With imperfect square edges and dark, solid hues of reds and browns, these cobblestones have an impressive visual impact that’s eye-catching and evokes just the right hint of drama. This is a great choice for commercial spaces, thanks to their slip-resistant nature and dark-hued longevity.

At the other end of the colour spectrum sits the Regent Grey Granite Cobbles, available in a beautiful herringbone pattern. With a tumbled finish, these cobbles can take an average driveway and transform it into a feature opportunity. 

For a more muted, warm palette, the Casablanca Quartzite Cobbles are well worth your attention. With their split face finish, these cobbles are naturally rich in texture and points of interest. Intersecting colours from clay, grey, white and brown palettes add a warm, earthy feel to these cobbles, and are the perfect way to create a warm, welcoming outdoor space, perfect for lingering as the sun goes down.

April 2024

Modern uses for cobblestones