Silver Travertine

Bringing a contemporary feel into its architectural use while remaining a timeless choice that won’t go out of fashion.

Silver Travertine’s natural stone formation results in a unique finish from piece to piece, ensuring interest, texture and sophistication in its overall impact on any room it’s used in, whether an interior or an exterior.

This beautiful material highlights a rich and vibrant colour base and brings a contemporary design aesthetic to the spaces it’s used in.

Its cool silver hues also makes it a beautiful choice in landscaping, bringing calm and elegant contrast in spaces such as walkways, water features, pool spaces and more. 

Silver Travertine Pavers, Tiles & Pool Coping

610 x 406 x 12mm 30kg / m2 39.63m2 per crate
610 x 406 x 30mm 74kg / m216.3m2 per crate
French Pattern 12mm 30kg / m2 38.16m2 per crate
French Pattern 30mm 74kg / m2 15.84m2 per crate
610 x 406 x 30mm Bullnosed 18kg / pc66pcs per crate
610 x 406 x 30 Rebated Edge25kg/ pc40pcs per crate

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