1. Limestone wall cladding just sings of luxury. A material that withstands the test of time, no matter the elements thrown at it, limestone has been used for centuries in architectural practices and functions around the world. Limestone brings with it a timeless, natural look that’s just at home in lavish restaurants as it is in casual residential environments. Whether you’re looking to clad a whole room or just to create a striking feature wall, limestone wall cladding is a strong contender across both practical and aesthetic considerations.

There are plenty of reasons why limestone wall cladding should be a top contender for your next design project – here’s just a handful.

  1. Limestone wall cladding increases residential values. Thanks to its strong visual impact, durability and authenticity, limestone wall cladding can increase the value of residential homes. If you’re looking for an easy way to refresh a feature wall, outdoor wall or entertaining space, adding limestone wall cladding can effortlessly transform a space while bringing a sense of heightened elegance into the mix.
  2. Limestone wall cladding is great for temperature control. Cool in summer, warm in winter – limestone wall cladding naturally has the kind of qualities that can make a notable impact on electricity bills from season to season. Particularly in Australia, it’s crucial that we consider the environmental liveability of our choices in building materials – limestone wall cladding scores top marks in this department.
  3. Limestone wall cladding is made from natural stone. Limestone is created when natural pressures, deep underground, bring sediments together to create limestone. It’s a rock that takes centuries to take its form, so it only makes sense that your limestone wall cladding will last for decades after you’re around to see it.
  4. Limestone wall cladding is versatile across a wide range of architectural styles. Not limited to one look and feel, limestone wall cladding is a popular choice that withstands changing trends and architectural influences. This is a wise approach to ensuring a timeless feel in your home and commercial design.
  5. The natural colour range of limestone wall cladding brings its own design opportunities. With warm, pastel colours coming together, limestone wall cladding can complete both cool and warm spaces, fitting in at every end of the colour spectrum. Whether you’re looking to create contrast or complement, this is a material that’s suitable for a wide range of visual aesthetic requirements and desired impacts.

Cinajus offers a wide variety of limestone wall cladding, including Milton Wall Cladding, Santa Cruz Wall Cladding, Tuscan Limestone, Torino Limestone, Maxim Limestone and Tivoli Limestone. This range of wall cladding shows off limestone from the charcoal end of the colour spectrum through to ashy whites. Durable, easy to install and designed to remain just as effective and visually pleasing in thirty years as in thirty minutes, this is a material that’s hard to go past when considering a wall cladding application. 

December 2020

5 reasons to use Limestone Wall Cladding