Bluestone cobblestone pavers bring together the best of both worlds – the beauty of bluestone as a natural stone material, and the interest and intrigue of cobblestones that can add points of focus in a wide range of natural landscaping environments. 

Bluestone is increasingly popular throughout Australia and beyond as a building material – used in tiles, pavers, wall cladding and, in this case, in cobblestone! Bluestone is a type of stone that’s a deep blue in colour, with shades of blue and grey through its colour palette.

Cobblestones have, historically, been round in size, used most often for roads and laneways. If you’ve wandered through certain parts of New York City, or many streets in Italy, you’ll be highly familiar with these round cobblestones in use. In modern uses, cobblestones often come in square or rectangle shapes, small in size and wonderfully strong as a result. Cobblestones are embraced for their rustic appeal, used in all kinds of settings to add texture, nuance and detail to the surrounding area. Not only are bluestone cobblestones visually engaging, but they’re also practical. With their hard-wearing nature, this is a great choice of material for retail and hospitality environments, bringing durability into commercial settings. However, residential environments also stand to benefit from this durability – decades of spills, running feet and worn paths can’t stand a chance against the natural strength of bluestone cobblestones!

Bluestone cobblestones are comfortable in all kinds of environments, and with a similar density and strength to granite, they can be trusted to stand up to daily use across the course of time. 

The best thing about these cobbles is that they come on mesh – allowing for faster installation.

Creative uses for bluestone cobblestones include…

  • Driveways and laneways – with the strength of each individual cobblestone, bluestone cobblestones are well suited to creating drama and luxury within an environment that sees the pressure of cars on its surface.
  • In landscaping – cobblestones are a fantastic tool that can be used to elevate an organic environment. If you’re looking to breathe new life into your outdoor areas, consider how bluestone cobblestones could create a winding path to lead people through the garden, or a beautiful sitting area just begging for a glass of wine and a book to be enjoyed within it. Bluestone cobblestones can be completed by bluestone tiles and pavers to create consistency of material across a wide range of surfaces and design considerations. 
  • In hospitality environments – looking for the perfect flooring for a pub courtyard, or a restaurant space? Bluestone cobblestone elevates in an instant, subconsciously sending messages of class and sophistication. The detail and texture in bluestone cobblestone is a beautiful way to naturally create an elevation of experience within design spaces. Whether you’re looking to create a space for after-work drinks on a Friday night, or a sit-down romantic dinner, bluestone cobblestones are well and truly up to the task. 

Bluestone cobblestones can be chosen to suit all kinds of natural and man-made environments. If you’re yet to dive into the world of cobblestones, this is your official invitation. 

April 2024

The natural beauty of bluestone cobblestones