Ash Grey Granite

Able to serve a variety of architectural styles through its modern and classic applications, Ash Grey Granite offers a complementary and unique natural stone material that can enhance a variety of designs and intended visual finishes.

Our Ash Grey Granite comes with irregular banding and a consistent mix of tones, bringing out nuance and texture within its application.

With an exfoliated finish, it’s particularly suited to exterior flooring, bringing durability against weather and exposure without sacrificing its aesthetic qualities and points of interest.

Ash Grey Granite Pavers & Tiles

600 x 400 x 15mm42kg / m228.8m2 per crate
600 x 400 x 30mm84kg / m214.4m2 per crate
600 x 400 x 30/70mm Drop Edge30kg / pc40pcs per crate
1210 x 400 x 30mm Bevelled 40kg / pc46pcs per crate

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