Black granite pavers are a beautiful choice of flooring in all kinds of settings, but are particularly well suited to commercial spaces. As commercial environments see a variety of uses, and are often travelled through by the general public on a day-to-day basis, it’s important to choose building materials that are going to stand up well to general wear-and-tear. Building owners who are looking to invest in a material that’s going to see hard-wearing performance across the course of time should look no further than black granite pavers (and enjoy the aesthetic win as a nice bonus!). Here’s our run-down on why these pavers are the perfect choice for your commercial space.

What are black granite pavers?

Granite pavers are a natural stone flooring that’s made from granite. Granite is a natural rock that’s composed of three minerals – mica, feldspar and quartz. These minerals combine to give granite its recognisable durability, known for strength and hardness. As a natural material, this makes granite a perfect candidate for pavers, which need to stand up well under foot traffic and all kinds of weather environments.

Where are black granite pavers used?

It’s common for homeowners to utilise granite pavers in their driveways, due to their reliable strength and long-lasting durability. Granite pavers can stand up to the weight of multiple vehicles, day in and day out over decades, without cracking. This saves homeowners expensive repairs and can enhance the value of residential homes via this cost-saving mechanism.

It’s these reasons that make black granite pavers the perfect fit for large commercial spaces. When designing a commercial space, many elements need to be taken into consideration: versatility of use, aesthetic impact, durability and safety. Alongside these factors, ongoing maintenance needs to be considered in order to keep ownership and overheads contained over the long run. 

Safety in commercial settings

If you’ve got a commercial space where the general public, or your own tenants, are coming and going, then duty of care must be upheld as the building’s owner. Granite pavers are ideal when it comes to safety considerations, as they’re water and slip-resistant. Compared to a high-gloss tile or even a wooden floor, granite pavers are a much safer option when it comes to minimising the risk of accident or danger across all kinds of use scenarios.

Black granite pavers are also non-combustible, which is why it’s so often the paver of preference around fireplaces and barbeques. For a commercial setting, this is a huge benefit. Knowing your core building materials are fire-resistant/non-combustible can reduce the need for further safety considerations and simplify one element of the duty of care process.

Low maintenance 

Black granite pavers also bring the distinct value of being low-maintenance and high-performing. Their dark colour means they stand up over everyday use, with stains minimised and scuffs not making a significant impact on the overall visual aesthetic. As well, black granite pavers are easy to keep clean, making it a breeze for commercial environments to uphold daily standards of cleanliness and comfort.

October 2020

Black granite pavers in commercial spaces