Vega Black Granite

With a speckled dark colour range, Vega Black Granite is the perfect Vega Black Granite lends a captivating element to its surroundings with an intriguing speckled pattern.

Its dark palette is perfect for high-traffic areas and can effortlessly harmonize within cooler colour combinations, or provide contrast against warm vivid tones – adding subtle interest through the complexity of its finish.

With its strong, durable and exfoliated non-slip surface, Vega Black Granite makes for a popular choice for outdoor applications like pool paving, alfrescos, driveways and walkways.

600 x 400 x 20mm55kg / m224m2 per crate
600 x 400 x 30mm82kg / m215.84m2 per crate
600 x 400 x 30/70mm Drop Edge30kg / pc40pcs per crate
1210 x 400 x 30mm Bevel Edge48kg / pc25pcs per crate