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Natural Stone for Indoor & Outdoor Flooring

Here at Cinajus, we believe in creating beautiful living spaces by providing honest and genuine advice allowing our clients to choose the right tiles or pavers for their project. Using natural stone allows for more time spent in the outdoors with family & friends, greater functionality and a low maintenance space. By learning and understanding your project needs, we are able to assist with your project wherever we can.

Natural stone floors provide warmth, versatility and durability to all kinds of living and working spaces. Suitable for both residential and commercial properties alike, natural stone floors draw on centuries of architectural practice to draw on natural and organic material to provide a beautiful and long-lasting finish

With a wide range of natural stone material to choose from, natural stone floors can offer complementary and contrasting colours and finishes to a rich range of architectural styles and materials. 

Natural stone material also offers lasting durability over decades. Where other floor material needs to be replaced after wear and tear, natural stone floors are hard-wearing and hold up well under the pressure of everyday use. 

Suitable for both internal and external use, natural stone floors bring elegance and style to all kinds of environments. If you’re looking to build your home from the ground up or to renovate an existing area, natural stone floors will last the test of time and provide comfort, endurance and interest to your space year after year.
Natural stone also brings with it the added benefit of being easy to maintain. As a material that’s easy to keep clean and to care for, natural stone is great for family homes and for public spaces, withstanding everyday wear and tear with a resistance that leads to longevity and durability.

Granite & Porphyry

Bluestone & Basalt



There are many reasons natural stone pavers and tiles have been popular for thousands of years, here are just a few:

  • Beauty

Natural stone has an inherent beauty that can never be matched by artificial products. The natural variation in our stone means that it is never mistaken for a composite or man-made paver or tile.

  • Durability

Natural stone pavers are extremely durable and can withstand harsh environments. Natural stone is one of the oldest building products humans have used and many of the oldest structures still standing use stone as an integral part.

  • Slip resistance

Our natural stone flooring products are predominantly for exterior applications, so most of our natural stone pavers & tiles have non-slip surfaces. Many of our pavers have been used in commercial and public domain locations so we have a lot of experience in advising the best surface for an application.

  • Maintenance

We recommend sealing all our natural stone products. Sealing natural stone is an easy, cost-effective way to make it easier to clean and maintain. When sealed, stains are kept on the surface of the stone and can often be cleaned off with water and some mild cleaners. Different stone will need different levels of maintenance, so please contact us for more information.

  • Lifetime

Natural stone stands the test of time. When properly installed and maintained, natural stone tiles and pavers will outlast almost any other surface and look good while doing it. Even old heavily soiled stone can look like new again if cleaned properly. The reason we know stone flooring has been popular for thousands of years is because it is still there.