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Modern uses for cobblestones
Cobblestones April 25, 2024

When you hear the term cobblestones, does your mind’s eye sweep you back to the days of centuries past? While we may think of cobblestone as a material that sits back in the past, it’s firmly entrenched itself as a popular, practical and interesting building choice for the modern era. Cobblestones isn’t aged – it’s...

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Enhancing your home’s aesthetics with stone wall cladding
Wall Cladding April 25, 2024

If there’s one thing Australians are known for, it’s loving their homes, and natural stone wall cladding is one easy way to bring a touch of elegance and interest to the space you call your own. Natural stone walls are a beautiful way to create a feature wall or to fully line a space both...

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Stone Cladding for Exterior Walls
Wall Cladding April 24, 2024

Stone cladding for exterior walls is not anything new. Many building owners have been cladding their walls with natural stones since time immemorial. This decorative, architectural technique involves applying a layer of natural stones and other materials on your indoor and outdoor walls to make them look more appealing and protect them from the effects...

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Stone Cladding Aesthetic Styles
Sandstone April 24, 2024

Even if you’re not familiar with the term Stone Cladding, it’s a material that you’re likely coming across in all kinds of architectural settings on a regular basis. While stone has been a key building material since as far back as history can tell us, stone cladding offers a dynamic way to bring the beauty...

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The natural beauty of bluestone cobblestones
Cobblestones April 21, 2024

  Bluestone cobblestone pavers bring together the best of both worlds – the beauty of bluestone as a natural stone material, and the interest and intrigue of cobblestones that can add points of focus in a wide range of natural landscaping environments.  Bluestone is increasingly popular throughout Australia and beyond as a building material –...

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5 reasons to use Limestone Wall Cladding
Limestone April 21, 2024

Limestone wall cladding just sings of luxury. A material that withstands the test of time, no matter the elements thrown at it, limestone has been used for centuries in architectural practices and functions around the world. Limestone brings with it a timeless, natural look that’s just at home in lavish restaurants as it is in...

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5 distinct uses for cobblestones
Cobblestones April 12, 2024

Cobblestones are a beloved material around the world. Bringing with them a distinct sense of European timelessness, they’ve now infiltrated the architectural styles of homes and commercial spaces around the globe, no longer contained within their continent. As a highly versatile and durable building material, it’s no wonder cobblestone pavers are used prolifically, bringing a unique...

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5 reasons to embrace granite cobblestones
Cobblestones April 8, 2024

Granite cobblestone pavers are often embraced for their sophisticated, textured elegance, bringing a heightened sense of design intention to the interior and exterior rooms alike. With a design flexibility that allows for use in both residential and commercial settings, granite cobblestones work well in all kinds of environments thanks to their natural durability. Thanks to...

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Sandstone wall cladding in Sydney
Wall Cladding April 7, 2024

Sandstone wall cladding is used throughout Sydney architecture, with early colonial homes reflecting the beauty of this timeless material choice. Sandstone wall cladding comes in a wide diversity of look and feels, providing all kinds of architectural applications that can bring beauty and style to residential and commercial spaces. If you’re looking to evoke a...

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How to use natural stone walls to create points of interest
Wall Cladding April 7, 2024

If you’re not familiar with the many uses of natural stone walls, you’re late to the party. Australians are a nation of people who take pride in their homes, with many Aussies spending their time and money in bringing their personal space to life with pride and care. As well, we’re a nation who love...

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