Sandstone wall cladding is used throughout Sydney architecture, with early colonial homes reflecting the beauty of this timeless material choice. Sandstone wall cladding comes in a wide diversity of look and feels, providing all kinds of architectural applications that can bring beauty and style to residential and commercial spaces. If you’re looking to evoke a classic, warm tone, while ensuring your design choices won’t age poorly due to changing fashions, sandstone wall cladding is a powerful choice in bringing your architectural vision to life.

What is sandstone wall cladding?

Sandstone wall cladding is the go-to destination for those looking to create a classic Australian feel with a timeless quality in their homes and outdoor spaces. As sandstone wall cladding can be applied to either new or existing walls, it’s a cost-effective way to bring rejuvenation to existing spaces or to see a new space come to life in a beautiful and eye-catching manner. As sandstone wall cladding can be cut to different sizes and finished in different surfaces, it’s a versatile choice for all manner of uses. 

Where is sandstone wall cladding used?

Sandstone cladding is known for its versatility, working across a wide range of applications. Internally, sandstone cladding is often used as feature wall material or to highlight fireplaces. In open-plan living, dining and kitchen areas, sandstone cladding can create visual distinction that adds interest and focus into flowing living areas without interrupting the overall openness. 

Externally, sandstone wall cladding is often used to create texture and interest across building facades. Suiting both coastal and country regions and settings alike, sandstone wall cladding is at home amongst both beach and bush backdrops in the colour, texture and interest it creates. Sandstone wall cladding is also often used for outdoor living and entertaining spaces, including next to pools and as retaining walls. Sydney sees many uses for sandstone wall cladding given its versatility of landscape and its open-air living preferences.

Whether you’re interested in using sandstone cladding internally or externally, you’ll find a wide range of colours and finishes that can support your overall intended visual impact. 

What kind of sandstone wall cladding is available?

Cinajus offers a wide range of sandstone wall cladding to Sydney buyers and the wider region alike. Products include Mint White Random sandstone, which comes in a crazy paving format and is perfect for both walls and floors alike; Teakwood Sandstone Thin Veneer, which is a thin profile cladding that’s a popular choice for both interior and exterior areas, Teakwood Sandstone Sandblasted Pavers, with a rich surface that showcases the warmth and texture of the stone itself; Teakwood Sandstone Honed, which is easy to maintain and provides a safe non-slip texture; Rainbow Sandstone Honed, coming in a rich range of colours and with strong banding that shows off the versatility of the sandstone; Valencia Sandstone, with a sandblasted finish that’s great for walls and floors alike; and Teakwood Sandstone Rockface, a unique and modern take on a traditional stone masonry wall.

September 2020

Sandstone wall cladding in Sydney