How to use natural stone walls to create points of interest

Natural Stone Wall Cladding

If you’re not familiar with the many uses of natural stone walls, you’re late to the party. Australians are a nation of people who take pride in their homes, with many Aussies spending their time and money in bringing their personal space to life with pride and care. As well, we’re a nation who love to buy and sell property, always looking for the latest design trend to set our homes apart in the market. Whether you’re looking to prep your home for sale or are simply looking for a new way to add interest and texture to your home’s aesthetic, there’s one area that can have a dramatic impact on your home’s visual appeal: natural stone walls.

Natural stone walls are dynamic and versatile and can be used to create a wide range of visual styles and tones. With uses ranging from interior and exterior walls through to retaining walls, entry ways, pillars, fireplaces and even entire stone houses, natural stone is one way to significantly increase the beauty of your home. Drawing on its unique architectural footprint means that no natural stone wall is the same as the next, with versatility in design and visual impact coming down to the variation of each individual stone itself. Natural stone walls are used in architectural styles around the world in large and small spaces alike.

Natural stone walls are also an environmentally friendly building material, able to stand up under the test of time with durability and a long-lasting nature. Benefits of natural stone walls include their complementary nature, in terms of how beautifully they complement other materials such as timber, wood and iron; their various finish options, creating versatility across specific project needs; their scratch-resistant nature; easy maintenance over long-term uses and the extensive range of natural stone material that’s available across colours and sizes. 

Looking to bring the beauty of a natural stone wall into your home? It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to embrace the beauty of natural stone as a dynamic and engaging design point throughout your space. Here’s some tips!

  • Make your fireplace the focal point of your living space through using natural stone to highlight it as a feature
  • Add drama and beauty to your outdoor living space through using natural stone to create an outdoor kitchen feature wall
  • Highlight natural stone in a feature wall in your home’s entry space, adding contrast and detail to your home upon first impressions
  • Use natural stone walls to create retaining throughout your garden and landscaping, melding the beauty of natural stone with your natural surrounds 
  • Play with texture and contrast through using small natural stone feature walls in places such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • Use natural stone walls as property fencing around your home for beauty and long-lasting elegance