Whether or not you’re familiar with bluestone as a material, odds are high that you’ve come across – and appreciated – this beautiful paving material before. Bluestone is actually a colloquial term that doesn’t refer to one single stone, but to multiple natural stones from all around the world.

How does bluestone form?

Bluestone pavers are volcanic stones, a natural material that’s formed over millions of years of volcanic hardening. As a result, bluestone pavers stand up extremely well to the test of time. This durability positions bluestone pavers as a rich choice of building material across versatile applications. 

Where is bluestone paving suited to?

Bluestone pavers generally come across a grey to charcoal colour range, and can often be mistaken to be granite due to its colour and appearance. Coming in a range of finishes, bluestone can be utilised in a wide range of settings, including…

  • Walkways
  • Garden paths
  • Feature walls
  • As stepping stones across an outdoor space
  • In patios
  • As driveway paving

Given the ability to combine textures and colours, bluestone paving can be customised to suit your space and environment’s specific needs. Bluestone pavers are also a beautiful natural complement to natural materials like timbers and metals, providing rich natural palettes for an indulgent and relaxing outdoor space.

The finishes bluestone pavers come in include…

  • Exfoliated – an exfoliated finish in a bluestone paver is ideal for exterior flooring use.
  • Sawn – sawn bluestone pavers have a non-slip finish, which is great for exterior spaces that see all kinds of weather.
  • Honed – with an entirely smooth finish, honed bluestone is only suitable for internal use as tiling.
  • Ripple – a ripple finish results in a rough surface with linear cuts, which can be a beautiful addition in a feature wall or water feature environment. If you’re looking for interesting textures your backyard features, rippled bluestone is a unique point of interest!

Types of bluestone pavers

Our bluestone paving product range encompasses a wide variety of needs and tastes.

Our Balmoral Bluestone Sawn product, with its smooth non-slip surface, is a fantastic choice for paving, pool coping and outdoor entertainment spaces.

Our Balmoral Bluestone Stepping Stones offers a beautiful, organic natural edge, adding points of interest and beautiful nuance to the details of an outdoor space. These stepping stones are a striking addition to outdoor gardens and can bring a timeless modernity through unique and creative placement, while achieving a very practical purpose!

For even more of a unique look, our Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Pave brings split, natural edges into focus, drawing on the beauty of random shapes and sizes to create contrast and detail. These pavers are a rich choice for those looking to add layers of design, texture and interest into existing or new outdoor living spaces, gardens and landscape.

Other options include the Tied Bluestone Sawn Paver, with a smooth non-slip surface, the exfoliated finish offered by Jet Black Basalt Pavers, a rich charcoal in the form of Basalto Bluestone, and the rich dark impact of Balmoral Bluestone.

May 2020

A Beginner’s Guide to Bluestone Paving