Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Pave

Bluestone Crazy Pave

Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Pave is a beautiful natural paving option that is flexible in design and use. Bringing a different shape to each of its pavers, the Bluestone Crazy Pave is designed to be customised per use. If you’re looking to create a winding garden path, a focal point in an outdoor courtyard, or to find a unique approach to pool surrounds, Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Pave offers a beautiful and intriguing aesthetic finish that richly complements surrounding landscape features and colours. Adding curved lines and varying angles in comparison to the straight lines and squares and rectangles of traditional pavers, Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Pave adds a layer of creativity to exterior spaces and can enrich your front or backyard settings.

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Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Pave

Crazy Pave 20mm
Crazy Pave 30mm
60kg / m2 (approx)
73kg / m2 (approx)
30m2 per crate
20m2 per crate

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