Balmoral Bluestone Sawn

Bluestone has been used extensively as a building material throughout Australia across centuries, with much of Melbourne’s cobblestones, kerbs and gutters made from its sister material basalt across the Victorian Gold Rush period and the wider 19th century. Now, Bluestone is used across interiors, exteriors, private homes and public spaces, renowned for its smooth finish and dense durability. Bluestone is used for bridges, driveways, landings, paved areas, walkways and patios, coming in signature shades of blue or grey that can be chosen to complement a wide variety of colour palettes and architectural aesthetics.

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Balmoral Bluestone Sawn Pavers & Tiles

800 x 400 x 20mm57kg / m2 16m2 per crate
600 x 400 x 30mm84kg / m216.32m2 per crate
1210 x 400 x 30mm Bevelled 38kg / pc 25pcs per crate
600 x 400 x 30-70mm Rebated & Bevelled 23kg / pc 40pcs per crate

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