Uses and Benefits of Travertine Pavers

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The search for a durable yet beautiful surface for a variety of home and business landscape needs can be difficult. Too often, people end up compromising on one of the major factors they are considering: price, durability, aesthetics, ease of maintenance.

Travertine is a great option that checks many of these boxes. Like the more well-known paving materials such as granite or brick, travertine is highly durable. But don’t take our word for it: The Colosseum in Rome is made almost entirely of travertine, and has lasted nearly 2000 years!

If aesthetics are your primary concern, travertine is also a great choice, since it’s available in a wide range of colours (such as peach, red, yellow, gold, beige, walnut, and ivory) and patterns (such as star, diamond-cut, French, basket weave, rattan, and many others) to match any decor.

With these qualities and it’s affordable cost, travertine makes a great option for a variety of projects.

For example, travertine is great for pool decks, providing a gorgeous surface that provides just enough grip and deals with constant wetness well. It also does well as an ornamental surface for garden features.

Travertine is also great for borders around garden planters, patios, and balconies. Any outdoor use is ideal. Walkways, paths, and patios are also great locations for travertine pavers. Travertine provides an elegant, formal look that’s comfortable to walk on and can be made to match any decor. It’s durable, beautiful, and affordable.

Finally, travertine can be used as a paving surface for driveways and entryways, providing an unusual, durable, and very good looking surface to welcome guests and visitors to your home or business.

Cinajus is a specialist in 100% natural stone with more than 15 years of experience installing beautiful travertine pavers in the Sydney area.

If you are considering travertine for your next project, get in contact with the natural stone experts at Cinajus today by calling, emailing, or visiting our showroom in person. We look forward to serving you!

February 2016

Travertine Pavers