Mosaic Glass Tiles

Mosaic glass tiles

Mosaic glass tilesMosaic glass tiles are used for internal pool surrounds mainly yet they can also look great for countertop finishes and wall decor, it is not uncommon to find them applied as a flooring material. When used on floors, mosaic tiles can imbue a room with a set of style and luxury, and that is why they are mostly installed in upscale commercial buildings and residential properties. 

What are the Characteristics of Mosaic Glass Tiles? 

Mosaic glass tiles come in different sizes, ranging from half an inch to as large as eight inches. They also come in a variety of shapes, with square and rectangular types being the most common. When it comes to design, there are plenty of options to choose from. Some mosaic tiles combine glass with other materials such as stone or concrete, whereas others only use glass to accent pieces. Therefore, your choice entirely depends on several factors, including the type of building, your tastes, preferences, budget and the specific aesthetic that you are aiming for. 

Advantages of Mosaic Glass Tiles

Although mosaic glass tiles are generally more expensive compared to other materials used for flooring, they nonetheless have several advantages that make them a preferred option for many people. These include: 

  • They have an elegant and luxurious look

Mosaic glass is mainly popular as an internal pooling material due to the stylish and luxurious appearance that they provide. The possibilities that can be achieved with glass tiles are virtually endless. You can choose between single and multicoloured designs or combine the two in various configurations to achieve a very elegant and visually striking look. Some mosaic tiles can also be arranged in certain patterns to create very beautiful pictures.

  • They are eco-friendly

Mosaic tiles are often made out of recycled glass, which makes them a very environmentally friendly material for use in flooring. 

  • They have a luminous appearance

Unlike tiles made from stone or concrete, mosaic glass tiles have a luminous appearance, which makes them glow in well-lit conditions. This adds to their appeal, as they can complement the look of any pool.

  • They are easy to clean and maintain

Mosaic glass tiles are highly resistant to stains and mould, hence they are easy to maintain and clean. The fact that they tend to show dirt very easily makes it possible for you to tell when it’s time to clean them. You can clean them by wiping with a damp cloth or mopping with warm water to keep them in excellent condition. 

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