Inside our homes we use many different textures to decorate, blend together or highlight features such as flooring, walling and furniture to create a living environment to suit our individual lifestyles. Our new showroom in Canberra features our range of natural stone flooring and walling.

As we do this inside our homes, we can do this on the outside as well. Its all about finding a balance of hard and soft surfaces. A lot of different factors apply to this, it all starts with the mood we want to create and the way we marry types of materials together.

Natural Stone and plants have always worked very well together, its all around us, hard and soft textures complimenting each other visually pleasing the eyes and senses. Whether it’s a cobble stone garden path edged with low to medium height plants creating a rustic look from ages gone by or Natural stone steppers laid in between a grass bed both contrasting and complimenting each other while being completely different. Our team in Canberra can help you choose the right product for your project.

The options are limitless when using textures.

At Cinajus we have natural stone in many formats, finishes and colours to suit all themes and styles.

Sometimes its easy to give up and say this is too hard, we have all felt this way at one time or another, this is when we need to take a step back, breath in and clear our minds.

Look at the area you wish to transform, go for a walk and have a look at what other people have done in your area, surf the web and look at outdoor designs, from here you get our start and a visual of what can be achieved in your space.

Then you can visit our Canberra team can help with the natural stone flooring and walling options.

You don’t have to dig up your back yard to create your own oasis, work with what you have and compliment it using colours and textures. Replacing patchy grass that is full of weeds is always a great way to start and revive the look of your space, then compliment by adding Stone steppers that lead to a flower bed or the new water feature you have added using natural stone. Stone wall cladding can also be used to refresh a surrounding wall to act as a feature. The possibilities are endless, so if you don’t mind a bit of hard work and getting those hands dirty you can have your very own escape right in your backyard. Alternatively, you could always use a professional landscaper.

Here at Cinajus our dedicated staff are here to help you choose from our wide range of natural stone to realize your visions.

Within Canberra we can service all areas such as Narrabundah, Red Hill, Yarrayumla, Woden, Griffith, North Canberra, Murrumbateman, Yass, Jindabyne, and other surrounding regional towns.

April 2022

Canberra Showroom – Now Open!