Sandstone pavers, for many of us, are synonymous with understated luxury. Used to bring beauty and elegance to all kinds of settings and environments, sandstone pavers are regularly used across all kinds of landscaping and wall claddings. Their aesthetic appeal and long-lasting durability bring together the best of both worlds when it comes to making a considered choice for longevity and style. There’s a reason these pavers stand the test of time.

Not only are sandstone pavers hard wearing, but their natural sedimentary rock formation means that there’s a wide range of sandstone pavers and colours to choose from. Iron sandstones lean more into reds and browns, while siliceous sandstones are white, argillaceous sandstones landing more in an earthy colour palette, and carbonaceous sandstones moving all the way through into a dark black. Formed at the bottom of oceans and riverbeds, sandstone brings a beautiful naturalism into its texture and finish, which is highlighted in the finished product of sandstone pavers and their rich, natural beauty. A wide variety of textures and colours provides options to compliment any new or existing space via complementary or contrasting colours.

While most of us are used to sandstone pavers playing a role in backyards as patio or verandah floors, here are some great ideas for how to make more use of these beautiful natural pavers.


Looking to create pathways through your garden? Sandstone pavers are the perfect material for straight or meandering walkways, leading people through your landscaped areas. Easy to install and coming in a wide range of colours and textures, sandstone pavers can be used to create small or large walkways and add points of interest to your outdoor spaces.

To accent or highlight a water feature

Fountains are an excellent way to bring a sense of movement and energy into your outdoor living spaces, and sandstone pavers are the perfect material to complement them. As they’re a strong non-slip choice, sandstone pavers can bring your fountain or water feature to life while also providing an additional layer of safety and practicality.

Unexpected seating areas

Using sandstone pavers for your main outdoor living space is an obvious choice – but what about creating a quiet nook for a late afternoon cup of tea (or glass of red)? Bring your garden to life with a secret seating area built on the sturdy durability of sandstone pavers. Whether you want a place for a hammock, a day bed or to play chess in the sunshine, sandstone pavers can help you to differentiate your outdoor living spaces and add featured areas for your enjoyment.

If you’re yet to explore the Cinajus sandstone paver range, it’s time for a browse – with colours and textures available to suit any space or project, you’re sure to find the dream material you need. With colours across a range of pinks, reds, creams, beiges and sands, you can also choose from a variety of sandstone types and textures until you’ve found the sandstone pavers that are perfect for your next outdoor endeavour. 

June 2020

The many uses for sandstone pavers