Uses and Benefits of Sandstone Pavers

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Finding the right surface for your new or remodeled home, business, or other landscape project can be difficult. A balance between durability, appearance, price, and suitability is difficult to find.

Sandstone pavers provide an excellent solution to these problems. As a particularly hard-wearing surface, sandstone is well-suited to wet conditions. It’s an economical surface, since it can last for many decades and be shaped relatively easily to meet your specific needs.

Sandstone is also low maintenance and will suit a variety of situations. Different colours and varieties of sandstone can match any location. Colours available include sand, pale pink, brown, red, cream, beige, and even light green, yellow, and pastel blue. Other choices include various designs and patterns, and the choice of three or more varieties of sandstone (quartzite, greywacke, and arkosic). Whatever your needs, you’ll find a type of sandstone to match.

Here is a partial list of the types of projects sandstone is appropriate for. Patios are a great fit for sandstone, since they require a hard wearing, easy to clean surface that’s smooth and comfortable. Sandstone is a great choice for dignified patios, as well as for balconies and other outdoor spaces.

Garden paths are also a great fit, since sandstone has a natural appearance that blends well into the growing shapes and colours of plants. Stepping stones and paths, inside of the garden or out, are one of our favorite uses for sandstone. Sandstone, with it’s natural beauty, durability, and high-friction surface, also makes for fantastic steps.

Around fountains, water features, and swimming pools is another great location for sandstone, since its porous nature means it remains grippy when wet, providing firm footing. Sandstone is very popular for use in pool coping and decks, and in any area that is constantly wet.

The strength and weather resistance of sandstone also make it a popular choice for wall cladding and retaining walls, where it can make any wall seem to come alive with colour and texture.

Cinajus is an expert in 100% natural stone and has specialized in sandstone and other natural stone installations since 1999. We have an extensive range of natural stone, including a wide variety of sandstone pavers.

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February 2016

Sandstone Pavers