Canberra Showroom – Now Open!

Inside our homes we use many different textures to decorate, blend together or highlight features such as flooring, walling and furniture to create a living environment to suit our individual lifestyles. Our new showroom in Canberra features our range of natural stone flooring and walling. As we do this inside our homes, we can do […]

Spotlight on Italian Porphyry cobbles

Italian Porphyry cobbles originate in northern Italy, bringing with them a genuine Italian design feel that adds sophistication and elegance to a wide range of external settings. Made from a volcanic rock that contains quartz crystals, Italian Porphyry cobbles have a natural sparkle in their design that adds beauty and texture to their finished impact. […]

5 reasons to embrace granite cobblestones

Granite cobblestones are often embraced for their sophisticated, textured elegance, bringing a heightened sense of design intention to the interior and exterior rooms alike. With a design flexibility that allows for use in both residential and commercial settings, granite cobblestones work well in all kinds of environments thanks to their natural durability. Thanks to the […]

The natural beauty of bluestone cobblestones

Bluestone cobblestones bring together the best of both worlds – the beauty of bluestone as a natural stone material, and the interest and intrigue of cobblestones that can add points of focus in a wide range of natural landscaping environments.  Bluestone is increasingly popular throughout Australia and beyond as a building material – used in […]

Modern uses for cobblestones

When you hear the term cobblestones, does your mind’s eye sweep you back to the days of centuries past? While we may think of cobblestone as a material that sits back in the past, it’s firmly entrenched itself as a popular, practical and interesting building choice for the modern era. Cobblestones isn’t aged – it’s […]

5 distinct uses for cobblestones

Cobblestones are a beloved material around the world. Bringing with them a distinct sense of European timelessness, they’ve now infiltrated the architectural styles of homes and commercial spaces around the globe, no longer contained within their continent. As a highly versatile and durable building material, it’s no wonder cobblestones are used prolifically, bringing a unique […]

Spotlight on Italian Porphyry cobbles on mesh

First things first: what are Italian Porphyry cobbles and what are they used for? Porphyry is a term referencing igneous rock which consists of large-grained crystals, such as feldspar or quartz, which are then naturally dispersed throughout the rich and vibrant stone. As a cobblestone that’s sourced and manufactured in Italy, Italian Porphyry cobbles evoke […]