Italian Porphyry cobbles originate in northern Italy, bringing with them a genuine Italian design feel that adds sophistication and elegance to a wide range of external settings. Made from a volcanic rock that contains quartz crystals, Italian Porphyry cobbles have a natural sparkle in their design that adds beauty and texture to their finished impact. However, these cobbles aren’t just celebrated for their beautiful and superior visual aesthetics. Known for their durability and non-slip properties, Italian Porphyry cobbles are also weather-resistant, meaning they’re able to be used in a wide variety of outdoor settings without concern for their long-lasting capacities. 

Uses for Italian Porphyry cobbles include…

  • In walkways and entryways – looking to add dynamic texture to your entries? Italian Porphyry cobbles offer immediate value for money through its detailed colour palette. By nature, these cobbles create an impressive finish through their laid design, with the beautiful complement of different naturally occurring colours and textures creating a unique pattern in each use. 
  • In driveways – thanks to the strength of Italian Porphyry cobbles, they’re suitable for use in driveways and high-traffic areas. This is a great alternative to boring concrete or asphalt driveways, offering an opportunity to bring elegant design and attention to detail to even the most commonplace of home design spaces.
  • In outdoor settings – whether large or small, Italian Porphyry cobbles are a beautiful choice for bringing an outdoor living space to life. Their natural textures create a non-slip finish, meaning these cobbles are also a very practical choice for outdoor entertaining. In patios, outdoor kitchens, around play areas or winding through garden beds – Italian Porphyry cobbles are at one with their natural settings, evoking a sense of moseying through an Italian garden and bringing a sense of timelessness into outdoor living spaces. 

Italian Porphyry cobbles are recognisable through their unique, warm colour palette. Drawing from charcoals, browns, rusts and greys, Italian Porphyry cobbles manage to sit in a darker colour space without feeling cold or removed. This is a practical choice for outdoor areas or high-traffic areas, as the colour palette allows the cobbles to be discreet when dirty, and are also easy to clean to bring back to their original organic state. 

Speaking of cleaning, Italian Porphyry cobbles also excel in the area of maintenance. There’s no need to worry about rough treatment, as this material is designed to withstand great amounts of pressure and isn’t precious in its nature. A simple mix of a soap treatment and water is enough to rid Italian Porphyry cobbles of any dirt from everyday wear and tear, and their highly durable nature means they’re not going to experience discoloration over time. 

Italian Porphyry cobbles enjoy the benefit of imperfect, irregular edges, which is beloved by many for adding naturalness and authenticity to architectural choices. However, Italian Porphyry cobbles do so without compromising on their elegance. Their rustic nature is reminiscent of a bygone era, while still managing to feel entirely modern and inviting in their finished impact.

March 2021

Spotlight on Italian Porphyry cobbles