First things first: what are Italian Porphyry cobbles and what are they used for?

Porphyry is a term referencing igneous rock which consists of large-grained crystals, such as feldspar or quartz, which are then naturally dispersed throughout the rich and vibrant stone. As a cobblestone that’s sourced and manufactured in Italy, Italian Porphyry cobbles evoke an immediate sense of European grandeur and timelessness when they’re used in residential and commercial spaces alike. If you’ve ever spent time in Italy, wandering down a winding lane in hunt of pizza, you’ll be familiar with the beauty of Italian Porphyry cobbles. In fact, for most of us, just the mention of cobblestones takes us to overseas destinations, bringing back memories of travel, adventure and discovery.

Porphyry cobblestones are one of the most timeless and popular building materials that have lasted through the ages, spanning continents and cultures. Their natural beauty, combined with their adaptive nature, makes them a versatile fit for all kinds of weather environments, human uses and architectural requirements.  

Italian Porphyry cobbles also have a natural variation in their colours and tones. Whether you’d like to lean into warmer colours, such as ambers, burnt oranges and rusts, or whether your tastes are grounded in earthy greys, charcoals and blues or purples, you’ll be able to find Italian Porphyry cobbles that serve your specific needs.

Not only are these cobbles, formed out of volcanic rock, highly aesthetically pleasing as a result of their inherent quartz crystals, they’re also robust in a physical capacity. As a non-slip natural flooring option, Italian Porphyry cobbles are also hard wearing and stand up well under the tests of weather, and other natural occurring degradations such as salt or frost. Ironically, the more Italian Porphyry cobbles are exposed to the natural elements, the better they wear over time. They’re a great choice for high-traffic areas that need to withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

Cinajus’ Italian Porphyry cobbles come on mesh, with a mesh backing that makes the installation process a breeze. Rather than needing to lay each Italian Porphyry cobble individually, as is the case with most suppliers, this mesh backing is provided in an interlocking pattern that significantly reduces the installation time and cost. This allows for large areas to be installed quickly, bringing the beauty of Italian Porphyry cobbles to backyards, pavilions, landscaping, outdoor entertaining areas and more.

Potential uses for Italian Porphyry cobbles include…

  • Evoking the feeling of European summers through thoughtfully designer outdoor seating areas
  • Creating secret garden nooks and crannies with intimate reading spots under beautiful tree shade, where you can hole up with a book for the afternoon
  • Bringing texture and contrast to sleek, minimalistic architectural designs, and adding warmth to spaces that have embraced a modern design aesthetic
  • Practically, as driveway and garden edging cobblestones
  • In feature space and fireplace designs

October 2020

Spotlight on Italian Porphyry cobbles on mesh