The benefits of Bluestone tiles

Bluestone tiles are made of rich natural material formed out of igneous rock, bringing all of the durability and drama you’d expect from the product of cooled lava! Bluestone pavers are widely embraced in both residential and commercial settings alike, bringing a beautiful nuance in the unique textures that occur tile by tile through Bluestone’s […]

How limestone tiles enhance the value

If you’ve ever spent the weekend at an elegant hotel, you’ll be well familiar with the beauty of limestone tiles. With rich natural textures that result from limestone’s formation, where minerals naturally settle to create stone over thousands of years, limestone brings the elegance of a timeless finish into a wide variety of spaces and […]

How to choose the perfect pool surround tiles

Identifying the right pool surround tiles is an important choice in ensuring your pool area is ready to serve your needs over decades. After all, there’s a range of factors that need to be worked into the mix: colour and texture preferences, budget considerations, and the circumstances of use. Tiles that may be suitable for […]

What is drop edge pool coping?

Drop edge pool coping is a seamless and elegant approach to pool coping, bringing together function and form in an impactful finish. If you’ve ever sat by either a residential or resort pool and marvelled at its seamless integration with the surrounding landscaping and architecture, chances are high that you’ve been appreciating drop edge pool […]