Bluestone tiles are made of rich natural material formed out of igneous rock, bringing all of the durability and drama you’d expect from the product of cooled lava! Bluestone pavers are widely embraced in both residential and commercial settings alike, bringing a beautiful nuance in the unique textures that occur tile by tile through Bluestone’s formation.

Bluestone tiles are appropriate for a wide range of uses, offering a dense and long-lasting nature that’s appealing in both internal and external settings alike. Because Bluestone is such a durable material, it’s suitable throughout gardens, patios and uncovered outdoor areas, as well as the demands of everyday family life in busy thoroughfares such as kitchens and bathrooms. 

With a whole range of Bluestone tile options on the market, it’s no wonder they’re such a common sight throughout Australian homes and backyards! Here are a few of the options across the Cinajus Bluestone tile range…

  • Tiev Bluestone Sandblasted – these sandblasted tiles have a rough non-slip surface that’s suitable for paving, tiling, pool coping and entertaining areas. Its surface has a beautiful grainy finish that evokes a highly natural feel, and is greatly complementary alongside natural landscaping textures and colours.
  • Balmoral Bluestone Sawn – the sawn finish from Bluestone tiles will be familiar to many given its commonality across Australian homes and architectural designs. A sawn finish is achieved by cutting stone into tiles through the use of a gang saw or block finish, leading to a smooth, uniform surface that doesn’t sacrifice the naturally occurring grains within the tile itself.
  • Balmoral Organic Stepping Stones – these are a fantastic choice for garden spaces that require a nuanced finish in order to truly pop to life. Stepping outside of stock-standard square or rectangle pavers, these stepping stones are a beautiful way to evoke a natural feel within their surrounding landscape. 
  • Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Pave – much like the organic stepping stones, the Bluestone Crazy Pave brings a different shape to each of its pavers, creating the opportunity for a truly customisable finish. These are a perfect option for creating secret garden walkways and garden pathways, adding dynamic points of interest to the mix. 
  • Tiev Bluestone Sawn – the Tiev Bluestone is available in a sawn finish as well as the sandblasted option. Tiev Bluestone Sawn brings the beautiful creamy grey of the colouring into a smooth non-slip surface, perfect for outdoor entertaining areas of all shapes and sizes.
  • Basalto Bluestone – Basalto Bluestone tiles are dark charcoal in colour and tone, with an exfoliated non-slip surface that lends them well to use in a wide range of exterior surfaces. This tile is a great choice for those with young children who may be looking for a finish that appears to absorb dirt and grime – they’re easy to keep clean and hide the everyday impact of an active family!

February 2021

The benefits of Bluestone tiles