Identifying the right pool surround tiles is an important choice in ensuring your pool area is ready to serve your needs over decades. After all, there’s a range of factors that need to be worked into the mix: colour and texture preferences, budget considerations, and the circumstances of use. Tiles that may be suitable for a home without children (or young guests) may be different to a backyard pool that sees tiny feet thundering around it on a daily basis, as one example!  Pool surround tiles bring both practical and aesthetic outcomes into the mix, and can be chosen to specifically enhance the feel of an outdoor entertaining area, taking into account the natural environment, landscaping, entertainment surrounds and climate.

If you’ve made the investment of installing a pool in your outdoor space, then finding the right pool surround tiles is the perfect way to tie your pool into your landscaping, creating an environment where friends and family can enjoy each other’s company for years to come.

Here’s a number of key factors to keep in mind as you pick the pool surround tiles that will be most effective in achieving your desired outcome…

  • How they look – considering the right colour palette for your space is crucial in ensuring a harmonious design impact. Lighter tiles can add warmth and bring more light into areas that may be naturally more shady, which can create a nice contrast with landscaping at play. Darker tiles can increase drama and create statements, and are particularly useful in environments that see high traffic with the ability to hide dirt and everyday use. 
  • How they feel – it’s important for pool surround tiles to be safe under feet within all kinds of weather. Depending on how exposed your pool area is throughout the day, the amount of sunlight this area gets will help inform your decision. Here’s an area where lighter tiles, again, can help to repel heat – however, lighter tiles also bring with them a greater glare, so finding the right balance for your space is integral.
  • How they connect to other materials – if you’re also use pool coping, you may want to consider whether you continue the same material on into the pool surrounds, or whether you play with contrast to sit different tiles alongside the pool coping itself. This is a great opportunity to add detail and texture into your pool environment through the creation of a unique visual environment.

Popular pool surround tile choices include travertine, bluestone, limestone and granite, which are all suitable for use in wet areas and under harsh exterior physical elements. With a wide range of colours and textures available across these materials, there’s great scope to find exactly the right tile for your pool surround needs. Take a look through these ranges in order to find the perfect match for your family’s new outdoor living space – after all, what better way is there to spend long summer days than relaxing in the pool?

December 2020

How to choose the perfect pool surround tiles