Drop edge pool coping is a seamless and elegant approach to pool coping, bringing together function and form in an impactful finish. If you’ve ever sat by either a residential or resort pool and marvelled at its seamless integration with the surrounding landscaping and architecture, chances are high that you’ve been appreciating drop edge pool coping in its natural habitat. The right type of finishing materials makes all the difference when it comes to designing spaces for us to live and play in, and drop edge pool coping can elevate a backyard pool into something that feels indulgent and luxurious with every use.

Drop edge occurs when one piece of stone is cut in opposite angles, giving the illusion that the coping tile is one solid piece of stone. This creates the impression of almost a hovering pool – like the pool itself is sitting on one solid, continuous piece of natural stone. Drop edge pool coping also effectively hides pool edges, creating a harmonious and practical look and feel that can disguise fibreglass pool edges. Drop edge pool coping is appropriate for concrete and fibreglass pools alike.

Drop edge pool coping highlights the beauty of many types of natural stone, set against the calm blue of fresh and saltwater pools and amongst the green of backyard landscaping. Cinajus’ range of premium natural stone creates ample opportunity to choose a natural stone for every colour, design aesthetic or function. 

Pool coping is separate to the pool deck, made so through the use of coping stones. Thoughtfully and appropriately installed pool coping allows for splashing water to flow away from the pool and through carefully placed drains in the deck, keeping the area surrounding your pool free from excess water and the creation of a dangerous, slippery environment.

Drop edge pool coping is available in a range of natural stones, including travertine and marble (most popular), bluestone and limestone. Drop edge pool coping is available in other products on custom orders. This wide range of natural stone brings a different look, feel and impact to the table across each choice, as well as a wide array of colour and texture choices. This freedom of choice allows you to design the drop edge pool coping of your dreams, perfectly finishing off your outdoor entertaining space and ready for many warm summers in the sun.

Drop edge pool coping is a perfect choice for those who are….

  • Looking to create a harmonious aesthetic sense between pool and surrounding entertaining area
  • Looking for a practical and safe natural stone pool coping, easy for children to grip onto and easy to navigate in and out of the pool
  • Looking for longevity in the choice of material used to finish off a pool area (with natural stone known for its strength in standing the test of time)
  • Desiring an elevation of a fibreglass pool through the disguising of pool edges

December 2020

What is drop edge pool coping?