If you’ve ever spent the weekend at an elegant hotel, you’ll be well familiar with the beauty of limestone tiles. With rich natural textures that result from limestone’s formation, where minerals naturally settle to create stone over thousands of years, limestone brings the elegance of a timeless finish into a wide variety of spaces and applications.

Limestone tiles are known for their durability and are a wonderful flooring choice for areas that experience high degrees of traffic. Popular in both residential and commercial settings alike, limestone tiles are accessible and well-loved (and for good reason). 

For those who are considering how tiling choices can contribute to overall property value, it’s hard to look past limestone tiles, for reasons including….

  • Their durability. Limestone tiles are a hard material while maintaining a comfortable surface to walk on as they feel relatively soft to the touch. While this makes for a great residential experience, limestone tiles are able to deliver above and beyond on durability, thanks to the many layers formed and hardened over time in this naturally occurring material.
  • Their visual appeal. Limestone tiles come in a wide range of colours and styles, but what’s consistent is the modern, welcoming feeling created through their earthy tones. Limestone tiles are highly versatile in matching a wide range of colour schemes thanks to their subtle hues, meaning your wildest colour dreams can come true against a grounded backdrop of limestone flooring.
  • Their easy maintenance. Limestone tiles won’t see you endlessly scrubbing in hopes of maintaining original colour and cleanliness. As limestone is resistant to mold, it’s a powerful choice for areas such as kitchens, pools and outdoor living. A regular sweep will be enough to keep your limestone tiles looking brand new, with a mop bringing an added sparkle to the surface.
  • Their subconscious impact. Limestone tiles are used in beautiful settings such as resorts, striking commercial properties, high-class storefronts and calming residential environments. Limestone tiles evoke a sense of timelessness, no matter the area they’re used on, which can contribute greatly to the overall impact of a room or a home. 
  • They’re ubiquitous. Limestone tiles are used so commonly that they’re beloved by the majority – if you’re looking to invest in a floor finish for your home that will satisfy both your own design preferences and those of a potential future buyer, limestone tiles are the safe bet. 

Cinajus has a beautiful range of limestone tiles that come in a wide variety of colours and textures. If you’re looking for a light, creamy tile, the Savona Limestone is your port of call. Amalfi Limestone also offers a beautiful finish. Cinajus’ range has a limestone tile that’s ready to bring your interior and exterior spaces to life.

February 2021

How limestone tiles enhance the value