Amrock Landscapes

Basking in the warmth of a fireplace framed by the eclectic charm of bluestone crazy paving, one finds a cosy corner of contemplation and comfort. The irregular beauty of the stones, together with the raw, tactile allure of off form concrete benches, invokes an artful juxtaposition against the leaping flames.


Here, time slows as the fire’s hypnotic dance captivates the senses, and the room’s ambiance is transformed into an enclave of rustic sophistication. The bespoke seating crafted in off form concrete further anchors this truly unique space, providing a sturdy yet stylish haven from the chill to draw near, reflect, and unwind in the flickering glow of the hearth.

The retreat’s attention to detail extends beyond its exterior, where one can find a haven for relaxation in every corner. The thoughtful placement of natural elements has been carefully chosen to create an atmosphere that nurtures and soothes the soul.


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