Nadine K Design
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Oliver Klassen Landscapes

Imagine stepping out onto your pool area and being greeted by a symphony of textures and tones. This project depicts a contemporary residence where Nadine K Design has masterfully incorporated Amalfi Limestone pavers to create a seamless transition from the home’s interior to the inviting poolside. These exquisite pavers, with their warm, inviting hue and subtle variations in tone, transcend the limitations of conventional outdoor flooring options. Amalfi Limestone, a unique and coveted stone sourced from select quarries, elevates this outdoor space to an echelon of unparalleled sophistication.


The aesthetic impact of Amalfi Limestone pavers goes beyond mere beauty. This project showcases how these meticulously crafted pavers create a clean and polished look that complements even the most discerning architectural styles. The light, almost ethereal, tones of the limestone provide a stunning counterpoint to the dark wood of the house, resulting in a captivating interplay of light and shadow.

But true luxury extends beyond aesthetics. Amalfi Limestone pavers are not just about creating a breathtaking visual experience, they are a testament to enduring quality and functionality. This unparalleled combination of beauty, comfort, and functionality ensures that your outdoor space becomes an extension of your refined tastes, a place where every moment is imbued with a sense of effortless luxury.

Photography: Vickram Hingmire


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