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Yearning for a backyard escape that rivals a luxurious resort? Look no further than Cinajus’ Cebo Limestone pavers. Imagine stepping outside and being greeted by swaying palm trees casting cool shadows on a sparkling pool. This idyllic scene can be your reality, thanks to a backyard transformation that prioritises both relaxation and entertaining.

Curl Curl

The foundation for this oasis lies in the materials you choose. Cinajus’ Cebo Limestone pavers, offer a perfect marriage of style and practicality. Their soft cream hues, accented with hints of natural fossil traces, create a timeless elegance. But beauty isn’t the only benefit – unlike darker volcanic stones that radiate heat under the sun, cream limestone stays cool underfoot, ensuring poolside comfort even on scorching days. Additionally, the high slip resistance provides peace of mind around the water.

Cebo limestone seamlessly flow into a haven of relaxation. The arrangement of sleek sunbeds for comfort and basking in the sun’s warmth while the cool stone soothes your feet whispers promises of rejuvination. Modern 3D fencing adds a touch of privacy and a captivating visual element, transforming this outdoor space into a serene escape for quiet moments or a sophisticated space for gatherings with friends and family.


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