Camelot Homes

Imagine stepping into your very own outdoor paradise, where every detail is designed for relaxation and beauty. This stunning backyard is centered around a sparkling pool, perfect for cooling off on hot days or simply lounging by the water. The sleek glass fence surrounding the pool gives it a modern, open feel, allowing you to take in the view of the lush, green lawn and beautifully landscaped garden.


Our Autumn Travertine paving not only looks luxurious but also ensures the space is durable and easy to maintain. The home itself seamlessly blends with the outdoors, thanks to its contemporary design and warm, inviting materials. Whether you’re hosting friends or enjoying some quiet time, this serene retreat offers the perfect escape from the everyday hustle.

Comfortable seating areas and a cozy dining space under the covered veranda make it perfect for dining under the stars or relaxing with a good book. This outdoor dream is all about bringing people together and enjoying the beauty of nature, crafted with high-quality materials that promise to stand the test of time.

Photography: Bolt Media


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