On the hunt for Granite Pavers in Sydney? We’ve put together this helpful guide to ensure you’ve got all the tools you need to find and secure these beautiful pavers.

Firstly, it’s important to understand the characteristics of granite as a paving choice. As granite rock is one of the sturdiest naturally occurring building materials, granite is a superior choice to softer materials which run the risk of damage over the course of everyday wear and tear. Granite’s long-lasting durability is part of the reason this material will never go out of fashion, particularly in pavers. 

Granite pavers also bring the benefit of being extremely easy to keep clean. As they’re not a porous material, granite pavers won’t soak up liquids that may be split in the course of everyday use. A simple combination of a mild soap and warm water is enough to see granite pavers gleaming under the sun after a quick scrub.

Practical reasons aside, granite pavers remain such a popular choice because of their natural beauty. With a subtle sense of beauty and class, granite pavers can elevate all kinds of exterior spaces, complementing an interior world that is met in style in the outdoor environment. Granite pavers are a long-term investment, with their durability providing peace of mind over the course of many years of consistent use. 

Now – on to the exciting part… the granite paver options available to you in the Sydney region! These include…

  • Vega Black Granite – this speckled dark grey paver is a strong and durable natural environment. With its exfoliated non-slip surface, the Vega Black Granite pavers are a wonderful choice for high-traffic exterior environments, whether at home or in commercial settings.
  • Regent Grey Granite – this is a grey granite by comparison, with fine grains and a more consistent overall colour tone in its finish. These granite pavers are the perfect choice for anyone looking for rich, classic uniformity.
  • Ash Grey Granite – with more texture at play in the Ash Grey, this is a lighter grey granite paver that can add light and contrast into outdoor environments. Beautiful in patio or pool settings, the Ash Grey Granite has a modern feel.
  • AB Rock – this is a new granite with a rich variety of colour variation. Leaning into an entirely different end of the colour spectrum, AB Rock embraces warm clay tones, with reds, browns, whites and greys intermingling to create a warmth and relaxed impact. This is only available on order as it is not a regularly stocked item.
  • Casper White Granite – sitting at the lighter end of the colour spectrum, these granite pavers are perfect for spaces where you may want to add lightness, rather than a dark undertone. With their non-slip finish, Casper White Granite pavers make for beautiful driveways, pool areas and luxurious outdoor patios.

October 2020

Granite Pavers in Sydney