Crazy paving and its many uses

Smooth grey large stone tiles

Crazy paving may not sound like a serious flooring material, but it’s well worth your serious attention and consideration. Crazy paving refers to the ‘crazed’ appearance of a finished area, and harkens back to design preferences from centuries long before our existence. Reminiscent of uneven and unique cobblestone, crazy paving is laid using stone or concrete paving that isn’t rectangular – whether it’s because the material is irregular in shape to begin with, or whether concrete flags have been broken up to create points of texture and interest.

Crazy paving is a popular choice in homes that are looking to evoke a retro or 1960s/1970s style of design aesthetic, or in more traditional styles, often reminiscent of English manors and cottages. As a great option for driveways, verandahs, patios and walkways, crazy paving can add texture and detail to areas that could benefit from a paving system that’s more unique than others. However, the uses for crazy paving are as limited as your imagination – crazy paving is also popular as pool coping, evoking a 60s-style exterior feel that will be familiar to lovers of old Hollywood movies in particular. Not a bad precedent!

Crazy paving is created through the random laying of stones, with materials often including bluestone, sandstone or quartzite. A wide range of stones that vary in both colour and shape are needed to design the intended effect. This means there’s no limit to finding a crazy paving design that suits your needs and your visual preferences, no matter the size of the space.

Many homeowners choose to embrace crazy paving as a way to add points of design interest and style into their new or existing landscaping. With a rich versatility across choice of material, size and breadth of crazy paving, the possibilities are endless in terms of using crazy paving to draw attention and create interest within your interior and exterior design aesthetics.

Not only is crazy paving a powerful choice for those looking for something a little different, but it’s also cost-effective, with the option to use natural stones in shapes and finishes that can be suited to a variety of budgets. Crazy paving also isn’t going to drain your time when it comes to long-term maintenance. Simple steps taken to provide regular cleaning and maintenance can ensure that your crazy paving will look as good as new in a decade, rather than losing its charm over time. With a simple mixture of water and a cleaning detergent, crazy paving will spring to life again without a comparatively crazy amount of effort.

Crazy pavers can also be used as stepping stones to lead people through gardens in both residential and commercial settings. Evoking a sense of old European walkways, crazy paving in garden pathways is a beautiful way to nod to a sense of history and luxury. They’re also practical, providing a range of sizes that can be used depending on the size and breadth of your garden path.