flagstones / crazy stone paving Although flagstones / crazy stone paving has been out of vogue for several years now, it is certainly making a resurgence. This is mainly because it is eco-friendly and cheap, as it makes use of recycled pieces of stone. In addition to this, crazy stone-paved compounds tend to have totally unique designs owing to the irregular ways in which the paving stones are laid. If you are looking for a durable solution for your project that come in very large sizes, thereby making them ideal for paving driveways and compounds, then flagstones / crazy stone paving is certainly the way to go. However, you will first need to decide on the material that best suits your landscaping.

Types of Materials Used in Crazy Stone Paving

There are several types of stones used for crazy stone paving. So, before you settle on a specific type of stone for your patio, driveway, or garden, it may be wise for you to carefully examine the options available.

Popular stones used for crazy stone paving include: Bluestone and sandstone


This is a naturally-occurring stone that has been in existence for a very long time.  The cobblestones come on mesh making it easy to lay and carry. It can be used on floors or driveways to give off a vintage vibe. Making this the best way to arrange the pieces of cobblestones in a linear manner to give a uniform appearance.


This is one of the most popular materials used for crazy stone paving. It comprises natural elements such as sand and minerals, which gives it the characteristic blue-grey colour. Bluestone can be used for paving driveways as well as the floors of swimming pools.


This is a form of limestone, which is commonly found in mineral springs. It is widely preferred as a paving material, particularly due to its ease of cleaning. It can also be honed to produce a smooth and vibrant finish, which looks great on floors as well as walls.

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November 2019

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