Granite tiles are a popular and widely embraced floor covering, with granite also sitting as a popular choice for tile countertops in kitchens. Granite is a result of processing igneous (volcanic) rock until it’s become a smooth surface, often revealing previously hidden beauty within the rock itself. This leads to a rich variety in textures and colours, allowing for unique patterns and tones to emerge in every tile.

Beyond the aesthetically pleasing nature of granite, it’s also a popular choice in homes and businesses across Australia because of its durability. Able to withstand the pressures that come with everyday usage in an outdoor environment in particular, granite’s not easily damaged by the external elements. As a flooring choice, this means it’s also able to stand up under high traffic, reliable in its longevity – which is of great importance to those considering its suitability for the family home.

Granite’s also a go-to material in areas where water or moisture may be of concern. Granite tiles are just about impenetrable to liquids, undamaged by moisture that can often make its way through to your subfloor when other materials are placed under the same water pressures.

For those who face allergies or asthma, granite tile flooring is also a hypoallergenic solution. WIth regular cleaning, granite tiles can help to reduce the amount of allergens that linger in your home, contributing to a healthier environment for asthma or allergy sufferers. 

Given all of these advantages, it’s no surprise that granite tiles are a popular choice for homes and workplaces alike!

Granite tiles are commonly used as internal floor tiles, offering a virtually maintenance-free solution in durability and hardiness. As granite tiles come in many colours and finishes, finding a tile that suits the internal space from an aesthetic perspective is a simple process. 

Common granite tile colours are white, black, brown, blue, red and beige, with finishes including polished and exfoliated. Given the way granite tiles are made from the igneous rock formation process, each tile may also reflect a variation of tones and colours, allowing for even more individuality and uniqueness in tile choice and combinations. Certain times, such as the Empress Grey Rhyolite granite tile, feature marble-like veins, highlighting the rock formation process and creating a beautiful, detailed and nuanced end effect. Others show off more contrast in the formation process, such as Vega Black Granite highlighting rich colour variations across every tile.
Granite tiles are suitable for use in areas such as backyard paving, pools, patios and front yards. Their durability adds beauty and practicality to your outdoor spaces, creating a welcoming environment for all forms of outdoor living year after year with their timeless and reliable qualities. Enjoy the longevity and quality of this material – they’re also easy to keep clean, which is a nice bonus, and makes it even easier to fire up that next BBQ for a family gathering!

May 2020

Where and When to Use Granite Tiles