While travertine tiles may seem like a recent fad, this form of natural stone has in fact been in use since ancient Italian eras, adding beauty and function to homes around the world for century after century. Travertine tiles are certainly enjoying a moment in the sun in Australia, with this material being in high demand in many Australian homes.

Travertine tiles are such a popular tile because they’re both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting. Created through a mixture of limestone and minerals, travertine is formed when heat and high pressure from the earth is applied. This material comes in a range of colours, creating the ability to complement a wide variety of home colour palettes and truly shine when brought to life in the right setting. 

Great for backyards and warm environments

For those of us who are used to the warmth of the Australian sun, there’s good news: travertine tiles don’t get hot in direct sunlight. This makes them a wonderful choice for pool tiling and backyard landscaping. 

Luxurious and cost-effective

Travertine tiles can also be a very cost-effective tiling choice. Cheaper than marble or granite, travertine tiles can still bring a luxurious and beautiful feeling into home designs, adding class and drama at a fraction of the cost.

Durability and replacement

Wondering about how travertine tiles may fare in the long run? These tiles are known for their durability, and in the event that a tile needs to be replaced, the replacement process is easy to undertake. This durability can add greatly to the value of your home, as they’re easy to care for over long periods of time. Resistant to water and moisture, these tiles hold up well under the pressures of everyday usage, making them a great choice for growing families who are looking for durability as a priority. 

Common travertine uses

Travertine tiles are often used in flooring and walling. These tiles are a strong contender for flooring in interior and exterior spaces, thanks to their durability, and how easy they are to maintain. Travertine tiles can add beauty to these spaces while serving well on a functional level, adding a hint of the luxury that’s generally reserved for marble or granite and doing so in a daily-use capacity. They can also add that luxury and drama to foyers and hallways, adding understated elegance to these high-traffic areas.

Floors can be easily kept up to scratch with regular vacuuming and mopping.

Colour choices

Travertine tiles, as a natural material, come in a choice of tones across brown, beige, reddish, ivory, gold, tan and white shades. Each tile has a variation in its pattern, thanks to the natural formation process of travertine. These small, subtle differences across tiles add texture, nuance and interest to the tiles, creating unique finishes from one area to the next.

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April 2020

What are Travertine Tiles?