It’s no surprise that Bluestone pavers are so iconic as a superior material choice. With their earthy grey to black hues, borne from the volcanic rock Bluestone is formed from, Bluestone is a beautiful and complementary paving choice that’s hard-wearing and well up to the challenge of everyday wear and tear over years of regular use. Most commonly used as outdoor pavers, Bluestone offers a wide variety of finishes, textures and colours that can provide a rich aesthetic appeal to a multitude of environments and styles.

Common uses for Bluestone pavers include…

  • As paving – bring your outdoor space to life with the use of Bluestone pavers to complement a natural outdoor environment. Bluestone pavers are a great paving choice to frame your landscape designs.
  • As pool surrounds – given Bluestone’s non-slip nature, Bluestone pavers work perfectly in wet environments. Complement the colour of your pool with grey or black Bluestone pavers to create an elegant, while relaxed, outdoor hub.
  • As driveways – with their reliable durability and ability to withstand regular use, Bluestone pavers can serve many practical and aesthetic purposes when used in driveways and larger outdoor spaces. Their non-slip feature is as useful in a driveway setting as around a pool, ensuring the safety of your family (and enthusiastic children) in all kinds of weather environments. 

Cinajus’ Bluestone Paver range services all kinds of needs and purposes, with a variety of colour tones, finishes and cuts that can bring your design dreams to life. Here’s just a taste to whet your appetite.

The Balmoral Bluestone Sawn comes in an ashy charcoal with the look of a smooth and semi-honed finish. Sawn pavers are cut straight from the stone in large slabs before they’re cut down to size, resulting in contemporary clean lines and an understated modern edge.

The Balmoral Organic Stepping Stone Pavers are a different style again, moving away from uniformity and playing with the intersect of colour and shape. With a sawn top surface, the Balmoral Organic Stepping stone embraces natural, irregular edges. These organic stepping stones are a beautiful way to enhance the grandeur and interest of outdoor landscaping, lending themselves naturally to winding pathways and relaxed outdoor patios evocative of European adventures. Set against the tones of the Australian landscape, these pavers are rich, timeless and welcoming.

The Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Pave is a step further in the direction of naturalism, with even more irregularity in shape and design from individual paver to paver. The Crazy Pave style is perfect for secret gardens, for garden paths and for adding points of interest into your outdoor environment. If you’re looking to contrast clean lines and smooth finishes, these are the pavers for you.

Tiev Bluestone Pavers offer another smooth, sawn paving option, with an earthy charcoal tone that evokes natural warmth in larger outdoor environments. With a colour tone that can complement a wide variety of palettes, this paver is practical with its non-slip surface and timeless in colour and feel.

October 2020

The beauty of Bluestone pavers