If you’re looking to redo or build a landscaped area in your yard, look no further than granite pavers. Known for its durability and low maintenance qualities, granite pavers are resilient and optimised for long-term sustainability. Popular for driveways and walkways because of these qualities, granite pavers show up in a wide range of architectural styles, complementing a variety of natural building materials and contributing rich textures to their surroundings alongside their practical benefits.

Granite is an igneous rock that’s immediately recognisable thanks to its grainy, textured features. Derived from quarries throughout the world, granite has been used as a building material across the course of centuries. If you’ve travelled to older destinations in foreign countries, chances are, you’ve walked on the same granite pavers that were stepped on by people across hundreds of years of foot traffic. Like limestone, granite is commonly found in early architectural settings, proving its ability to truly stand the test of time and become an ingrained part of the cultural landscape across continents and eras.

There are many benefits to using granite pavers in your landscaping, including…

  • Their ability to withstand heavy loads. Not every paver is suitable for a high-traffic area or heavy loads, but granite pavers are dense enough to stand up under cars and heavy everyday access when used as a 30mm paver. 
  • Granite pavers don’t crack or split under warm weather. You can trust granite pavers to withstand many summers without risk to their structural integrity. 
  • They’re low maintenance. No need to give up your weekend constantly scrubbing granite pavers – they’re durable enough to have a good resistance to dirt and dust, as well as being easy to clean. They’ll look as good as new a decade after installation.

Granite pavers also come in a wide range of cuts, with the choice of straight cuts or irregular stones and edges. This helps to create a sense of tone and scale within different configurations of pavers. With a range of dimensions, granite pavers can be chosen to suit specifical architectural styles, design leanings or certain use requirements.

The range of colours also add life and style to granite, with greys, pinks, and a range from charcoal to black creating points of natural interest within the granite itself. Available in smooth or rough finishes, you can also choose a finish that’s most suited to outdoor applications with natural built-in safety features. 

There’s also bonus points available if you’re looking to design your home with sustainable materials. Thanks to granite’s long-lasting durability, and its ability to be reused and recycled, granite is a sustainable choice that’s naturally occurring and not drawn from man-made materials. 

Whether you’re building a dreamy patio, a secluded garden nook, or a full double-car driveway, granite pavers are the go-to for sophistication, style, and long-lasting durability. Check out Cinajus’ range of granite pavers here.

March 2021

The benefits of using granite pavers in your landscaping