Natural stone floors are one of the most widely embraced choices of flooring – and for good reason. With natural stone flooring coming in a wide range of product types, finishes, looks and feels, there’s a plethora of options for all kinds of interior and exterior uses and desired visual impacts.

Here are the top five reasons natural stone floors are used in so many different spaces…

  1. Their beauty – natural stone flooring adds a unique and organic beauty to all kinds of architectural styles. Whether you’re looking for flooring for your family home, for an outdoor entertaining space or for a dynamic commercial setting, natural stone floors are known for their character and their signature style. Natural stone flooring is also timeless, standing apart from more ‘trending’ materials that come and go from fashion. By choosing natural stone flooring, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your stone flooring will age with grace and character, truly withstanding the test of time.
  2. Value for money – natural stone flooring is an investment that repays its initial cost through its many years of hard-wearing service. Outlasting other choices such as carpet, timber flooring or laminate, natural stone continues to contribute to the value of your home whether you’re living there yourself or looking to sell. Skip out on the expense of replacing flooring every 5-10 years by investing in the durability of natural stone.
  3. Variety – natural stone flooring comes in a wide variety of types and finishes. If you’re looking for a smooth surface, this can bring a sense of modernity. On the other end of the spectrum, sandblasted or tumbled surfaces hold up well under the wear and tear of time, providing a timeless look that adds elegance and warmth to a variety of spaces. Natural stone flooring also comes in a variety of cuts, including straight and bevelled, allowing for more individualised choices in terms of finished impact upon installation.
  4. Diversity of material – with natural stone flooring coming in materials such as sandstone, granite, travertine, bluestone, marble and limestone, there are numerous options when it comes to choosing material that will bring your flooring dreams to life. Across the range of materials are diversities of colours and finishes, so no matter whether you’re looking for a calm, contrasting neutral or a dramatic dark hue, you’ll find the natural stone material you need for flooring that endures the years with barely a lick of maintenance needed.
  5. Maintenance – natural stone flooring couldn’t be more practical for all kinds of spaces and wear and tear demands. Easy to keep clean and durable under pressure, natural stone flooring is a fantastic choice for high-traffic areas such as outdoor paving, pools, or even commercial spaces. Colours can be chosen that hide everyday impacts and challenges such as pet hairs or dust mites become a thing of the past with the ease of vacuuming and mopping natural stone material. Looking to hide dirt? There’s a colour choice for that too!

September 2020

5 Reasons to embrace natural stone floors