In the same way that simple changes in colour choices can make a dramatic impact to the feel of an interior or exterior space, the choice of materials across areas such as pavers and tiling is also an opportunity to bring a specific vision for an area to life. Refreshing your backyard with the addition of a new paved area, or reinvigorating the space by swapping out old material for new, can change the feel of your yard completely. Limestone pavers, which are long-lasting and require next to no maintenance, are a cost-effective way to bring a backyard renovation to life with stunning and lasting results.

If you’re looking to revamp your space and find a new level of comfort at home, here’s a few suggestions for how you can change the way you engage with your outdoor space across a range of landscaping opportunities…

Build or extend a patio

Is your backyard currently just a sea of grass? A simple patio can create a new space to sit, rest, eat, talk and play. Limestone pavers can be laid close together with joints filled in with either sand or cement to create a smooth, modern patio, or you can lean into a more natural feel by leaving wider joints between the pavers, allowing grass and moss to make their way through.

Pool edging and surrounds

Beautiful pool spaces require thoughtful finishes. Limestone pavers are a great way to finish off your pool surrounds, not only visually, but practically – safe to step on when wet, limestone pavers are a long-lasting material that can withstand the test of time (and many small feet jumping off them in dive bombs!). 

Create a dream outdoor kitchen

Australians love any chance for a BBQ, and building an outdoor kitchen space is one way to create more opportunities to enjoy the company of friends and family within your own home. Embrace the warmth of our summer and spring months in an outdoor kitchen brought to life on a foundation of limestone pavers, which can hold up under many years of family meals with next to no maintenance required. 

Simple visual edging

If you’re looking for a smaller way to add limestone pavers into your backyard landscaping, consider using these versatile pavers to create clean, simple lines around your garden. Create flower beds, herb gardens and wider paved areas that can serve a variety of purposes. Limestone pavers are the perfect DIY solution, creating beautifully defined separation to add detail and differentiation into your outdoor space. The natural stone texture of limestone pavers is a great complement to new and existing garden beds, rich complementing your yard’s greenery. 

If you’d like to embrace the beauty and variety of limestone pavers for your own space, look no further than Cinajus, who have been paving Sydney for over 20 years. Natural stone specialists who are family operated, we love working alongside our clients to provide thoughtful and genuine advice that’s customised for every single project. 

April 2020

Refreshing your backyard with limestone pavers