Limestone is the sedimentary stone found in both freshwater and saltwater coastal areas. It is formed over millions of years and is composed of many fragments of marine life and aragonite that have fossilized over these millennia. Indeed, take a critical glance at any piece of limestone, even those already in use in old buildings, driveways, and other structures, and you may find the fossil of shells, coral, or perhaps even prehistoric. 

Limestone has a long life and requires very little maintenance. It is easy to carve and not in short supply, which makes it a cost-effective option for structures and driveways. 

Savona Limestone pavers and tiles have a tumbled finish that can be used for both interior and exterior flooring and walling. Savona Limestone has a consistent colour and finish and often looks similar to marble styled finishes. 

Amalfi Limestone comes in a tumbled and antique finish and is ideal for interior and exterior paving, as well as tiling applications. These beautiful limestone tiles and pavers have a genuine and luxurious look and feel that will definitely act as a central feature in any design.

Tivoli Limestone is a form of travertine native to China and comes in both tiles and pavers. They have a sandblasted finish that’s perfect for exterior flooring but will also look at home within the interior of buildings.  Both Tivoli and Radenk limestone pavers and tiles are available in 15mm and 30mm thickness and come in various earthy and natural hues.

Radenk Limestone tiles and pavers, similar to Tivoli limestone, have a split and brushed finish perfect for exterior flooring. They can also be shaped into beautiful mosaic tiles that can then be laid out onto patios or lobby floors to create a breathtaking scene that will both be able to catch the eye and withstand the footfall of large numbers of traffic.  Not correct. Need to change. Cannot be shaped into mosaic tiles

Are you interested in finding the perfect limestone tiles or pavers for your next interior or exterior project? Cinajus is dedicated to only offering the highest quality natural and reclaimed limestone. We provide our pieces in accordance with your specifications and will ensure that each piece is carefully inspected for flaws that are not naturally perfect imperfections that come with the unique appeal of all our stones. No two pieces are alike.

Reach out to a member of our team today to discuss measurements and to receive a quote. 

March 2020

Limestone Pavers