Italian Porphyry

Italian Porphyry cobbles on mesh are a beautiful and practical choice of natural stone material. Cobblestone is a timeless building material that’s used in all kinds of settings around the globe, bringing with it a sense of European beauty and a classic impact in its tone and feel. Italian Porphyry cobbles on mesh come with a top split finish, which makes them perfect for driveways, paths and outdoor pavings. By supplying the cobblestone on a mesh backing with an interlocking pattern, the process of installation is greatly accelerated.

Rather than requiring individual choice and placement across each cobblestone – which can be a major job depending on the square meterage of the area of coverage – mesh backing allows for easy installation that reduces costs and saves time.

Made from igneous rock which captures large-grained crystals through the process of formation, Italian Porphyry cobbles are a vibrant rock with many focal points of interest. The crystals within the rock, such as feldspar or quartz, are dispersed to create glints of colour and light in a speckled manner.


  • 100 x 100 x 20mm +/- 4mm on mesh


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