Have you come across the term ‘crazy paving’ or come across the Bluestone crazy pave?

Crazy Paving can also be referred to as Flagging or FlagStone and is irregular shaped stone that’s used across flooring and walling alike. Designed to maximise the waste of quarrying, when cracks or imperfections can get in the way of allowing stone to be cut dimensionally, the crazy pave format is then laid to create a different and unique pattern in each of its uses.

Crazy paving brings an inherent element of design flexibility with it, leading to unique design outcomes and a sense of customisation that can be hard to replicate across other material choices. Crazy paving can create architectural impact that enhances the value of any space, interior or exterior, through creative and thoughtful implementation.

Cinajus offers one of the most classic crazy pave options on the market: the Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Pave. This paving comes with a sawn top surface and natural edge, occurring in random shapes and sizes with a consistent 30mm thickness. With an elegant textured Bluestone finish, the Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Pave is the perfect design choice for unique, engaging and rich textured outcomes. 

Just some examples of the ways Crazy Pave could be used are…

  • Courtyards – create a sense of timelessness in your courtyard through the use of Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Pave. The unique finishes can add magic and intrigue to your garden spaces, leading to a more intimate finish in the overall courtyard impact.
  • As pool surroundings – veer away from common paver choices with the use of the Bluestone Crazy Pave as a pool surrounds, bringing eloquence and interest into the design aesthetics that are beautifully complemented by an inviting blue pool.
  • In pathways – lead guests on a weaving journey through your outdoor landscaping with Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Paving under their feet, perfectly in place in a cultivated outdoor landscape that’s designed to look good year after year. 
  • Around a firepit – bring the warmth of a flickering night by the fire into beautiful contrast with the strength of the Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Paver. The Bluestone colour finish adds elegance, luxury and architectural interest to fireplaces and is at home in sprawling country homes and inner-city living environments alike.

The unique randomness of Balmoral Bluestone Crazy Pave works to beautifully enhance homes that are leaning into retro design and architectural aesthetics, and also to ground luxurious properties with a natural, textured visual impact. Beloved by avid gardeners and landscapers, many homeowners in Australia use Crazy Paving to enhance a sense of connection to their surrounding landscape, employing the mix of natural materials, formation and the ‘random’ placement of tiles to speak to harmony and connectedness between the natural environment and established homes.

August 2020

Design inspiration for Bluestone crazy pave