The Cinajus Cobblestone Range Is Available As Granite Cobblestone, Basalt Or Bluestone Cobbles.

Cobblestones have long been the most sought after chosen method of construction due to their durability and strength. Their natural availability and style have allowed them to regain their popularity for residential and commercial driveways and paths over the last decade. Since cobblestones have been a common construction method for centuries, they can be laid out in many different methods depending on the pattern, finish, and structure of the stones. 

At Cinajus we stock cobbles made from Granite, Basalt and Quartzite. These pieces are usually 30mm thick and are adhered to a mesh backing that makes laying the cobbles much easier.

What’s the difference in the types of cobblestones?

Granite: Originally introduced to the world by Europe in the 19th century, granite stones come in various shapes. And, contrary to popular belief, they don’t just come in grey. Granite can come in many shapes, and due to its strength can be placed in many different patterns and used on the strongest of projects. Typically, most granite cobblestones have flat finishes which makes them perfect for driveways.

Save hours of installation time by investing in one of our fan pattern granite cobbles that are supplied in a very large 1400mm long meshed. It will look exceptional and no one will know it only took a fraction of the time to complete. 

Basalt: More elegant in structure and appeal, most basalt is actually carved from volcanic rock and comes in dark grey and black hues. They have also been used for centuries and are sturdy and last a lifetime – perfect for your patio and pool deck. Basalt can also withstand heat and freezing temperatures without creeping.

Quartzite: More rustic in appearance, quartzite is one of the strongest stones available for purchase – many call it indestructible. It’s also low maintenance and doesn’t require cleaning or polishing in order to keep its lustre. 

Cobbles can be custom ordered to specific sizes, finishes and patterns. Cinajus can also customise the thickness of the cobbles, from 40-100mm depending on the traffic load, for public domain areas that receive a regular medium to heavy vehicle traffic. These extra strong cobbles are a fantastic long-term paving solution that will look amazing for many years to come.

Some of the surface finishes available in cobbles:

Exfoliated – A flat surface with great slip resistance that is ideal for most driveways and paths. Granite and Basalt cobbles are available in the exfoliated finish.

Hand-Cut – A surface that has a lot of variance in thickness and offers a great grip for steep driveways. Jet Black Basalt cobbles are available in hand-cut cobbles

Hand-Cut and Tumbled – similar to Hand cut cobbles, these cobblestones have also been tumbled to give a softer, aged look. Regent Grey Granite cobbles are available in hand-cut and tumbled cobbles.

Split – Usually available in our Quartzite cobbles, this is a natural finish that has variance in thickness and colour. Split cobbles usually have less thickness variance than hand-cut.

Are you interested in finding the perfect cobblestones or pavers for your next interior or exterior project? Why not add a little bit of tradition or history into your residential or commercial building and construction?

Cinajus is dedicated to only offering the highest quality natural and reclaimed products. We provide our pieces in accordance with your specifications and will ensure that each piece is carefully inspected for flaws that are not naturally perfect imperfections that come with the unique appeal of all our stones. No two pieces are alike.

Reach out to a member of our team today to discuss measurements and to receive a quote