Bluestone stepping stones may have a secret magic power embedded within them – the ability to make you flash back to days spent as a kid, running between your yard and the neighbour’s, hunting down the best options for lunch and for time spent in the pool. With the magic of a sense of playfulness about them, Bluestone stepping stones evoke a sense of secret gardens, winding paths, unexpected detours and afternoons spent lingering in the warm, golden sun.

We’ve got some good news: this feeling isn’t just for kids (or for yourself in decades past). If you’re hunting for a way to add some points of interest to your outdoor spaces, while also providing practical pathways, patio areas and long-lasting solutions to your paving needs, Bluestone stepping stones are just the tools for the job.

Bluestone is made from igneous rock, formed by the cooling of lava and resulting in a highly durable natural material – in fact, we’d love to see even the hardiest of running feet try to make an impact on these stepping stones! Utilising the strength of Bluestone with the detail of irregular cuts, Bluestone stepping stones are practical and visually pleasing. With a creamy dark grey finish, their tone evokes a sense of luxury and intention that can work well in tying an outdoor landscaping design together. 

Bluestone stepping stones are practical for both residential and commercial uses. If you’re looking to redesign your backyard and create an outdoor living space that stops visitors in their tracks, Bluestone stepping stones can add intricacy and detail in a manner that enhances the design choices around them. In commercial settings, Bluestone stepping stones are practical as well as visually pleasing, working to create clear pathways or outdoor focal points for visitors and passersby. 

Not yet convinced? Here are three more reasons why Bluestone stepping stones should find their way into your backyard…

  1. Their versatility. Bluestone stepping stones can be laid in all kinds of patterns and spacings, allowing for any kind of design vision to come to life in a way that’s truly unique to your particular space.
  2. Their durability. Come rain or sunshine, Bluestone’s core brings such a depth of natural strength that it’s going to take a whole lot more than a few decades of wear and tear to impact one of these stepping stones. Bluestone stepping stones provide a long-lasting solution to your design needs.
  3. Their unique nature. Why go with the same tiling as everyone else in the neighbourhood? Embrace a sense of the unique and create a point of difference by weaving Bluestone stepping stones into your design aesthetic. 

Bluestone stepping stones are also beautifully complementary to Cinajus’ wider range of Bluestone pavers and tiles, so if you’re in need of pool coping, large-scale outdoor paving and tiling, or are on the hunt for a variety of tiles and stones in different shapes and sizes, you’re likely to find a complete solution within the Cinajus product range.

February 2021

Why you should consider bluestone stepping stones