Why should you consider random wall cladding?

random wall cladding

Random wall cladding works in overtime when it comes to the many benefits it offers. Versatile, practical and aesthetically engaging, random wall cladding can serve to break up a space visually, draw the eye, create contrast and really define features within both residential and commercial environments. Random wall cladding is a popular choice across a wide range of architectural styles and intended finishes.

Benefits of random wall cladding

Let’s start with the most immediate benefit: random wall cladding is highly visually appealing. With thousands of years of formation evident in every stone, and multiple stones sitting alongside each other, random wall cladding offers the richness of colours and textures working together to create engagement and interest. This natural texture and the variations that come in random wall cladding can bring a sense of the outdoor world inside, creating harmony and a seamless transition between interiors and exteriors. 

Random wall cladding is also durable and weather-resistant. Robust in nature, this cladding can easily stand up to the tests of time in exterior environments. This is a superior choice over other cladding materials, such as concrete, as it’s more resistant to breaks and chips, and can take both intense sunlight and heat and low temperatures without batting an eyelid.

If you’re not keen on heavy maintenance, random wall cladding has also got you covered in this area. Known to improve over time, random wall cladding works with natural elements in an exterior setting to age beautifully. It’s also fire resistant, which is an important consideration for many people who are living in areas that are more likely to see potential fires and heatwaves.

Random wall cladding can be difficult to install when it’s supplied in individual pieces. However, with Cinajus’s interlocking corner elements, the installation process becomes much smoother, as the interlocking corners help to ensure the random wall cladding is locked in place for the decades that follow the initial outlay and investment.

A wide range of applications

Random wall cladding is versatile in its applications and potential uses. Embraced as an architectural feature both internally and externally, random wall cladding can bring your fireplace to life in your interior, or create a beautiful and rich natural feature wall kitchens and entry ways. 

In external spaces, random wall cladding may cover an entire building facade, or can highlight separate outdoor areas, such as outdoor kitchens, patios, fireplaces or boundary walls. 
Random wall cladding can bring a sense of history to interior spaces. As it evokes a sense of history, and in the age of the rock and stone material, random wall cladding is highly advantageous in adding a sense of luxury and elegance to all manners of environments. Whether you’re looking to enhance the value of your home ahead of sale, or to embrace the benefits of random wall cladding in your own daily life, you can find the random wall cladding that’s perfect for your needs and visual preferences.