We don’t choose tiles based purely on aesthetics – but if we did, sandstone tiles would sit well and truly at the top of the list. A natural stone that holds onto its popularity as a building material decade after decade, sandstone is used in all kinds of manners as a building material, including as internal and external flooring, as pool pavers, outdoor pavers, feature walls, pillars and more.

As a tile, sandstone offers the benefits of both natural beauty and long-lasting durability. This combination means it’s perfectly suited for use in outdoor spaces, offering the potential for long-term savings without the need for expensive repairs or replacements. 

Sandstone tiles also offer a very powerful benefit: they come up looking beautifully now with just a high-pressure spray! A simple high-pressure hose will bring fresh, as-new results in a moments time when looking like it needs a clean. These low-maintenance materials stand up beautifully with a simple rinse from time and time, maintaining their fresh and golden appearance with the simplest of maintenance commitments. 

What is sandstone?

Sandstone is a natural material that consists of sand and quartz grains which are cemented together, taking shape in hues of reds, yellows and browns. Sandstone is an iconic material that’s often used in grand and intricate designs, but it’s just at home in a family backyard as it is in sprawling university campuses.

Sandstone’s characteristics mean it’s even used in outdoor furniture, with many garden benches and patio table designs embracing the natural beauty and long-lasting durability that sandstone offers.

Sandstone as an environmentally friendly building material

Sandstone tiles are an eco-friendly building material, given their natural formation. As a natural stone, sandstone tiles result in only a fraction of the carbon dioxide per ton in comparison to other building materials, including types of steel and concrete. 

If you’re looking to work with a natural occurring material in your home, sandstone tiles are a wonderful choice that bring a host of other benefits with them.

A range of textures and patterns

There’s a world of natural possibilities when it comes to selecting sandstone tiles. With a range of natural aesthetics and colours, finding a sandstone tile that complements your space isn’t a difficult process. The Cinajus sandstone tile range includes beautiful Mint White Sandstone for a natural, warm white tone. Rainbow Sandstone Honed Tiles sit at the other end of the spectrum, with rich detail and nuance in their red and brown hues for sleek dramatic effect. For a sophisticated neutral palette, the French Grey Sandstone tiles are a compelling choice, with a beautiful exfoliated and brushed finish. 

Whether you’re looking for a tile to blend in or a tile to blend out, sandstone tiles are a choice that’ll bring rewards over the long term. Enjoy the timeless finish these tiles add to your outdoor space.

May 2020

Why are Sandstone Tiles so popular?